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QuickBooks checks and forms

We now offer discounts for Intuit Secure Plus and Secure Premier Voucher Checks!

Check fraud is out there, are you doing enough to avoid it happening to your business? Click here to learn more.

Secure Plus Voucher Checks:
These checks have 10 security features which help prevent fraud, from chemically reactive paper to tamper-resistant toner. They're also great for paying employees and suppliers.

  • •Introduced March 2011
  • •260 million checks sold as of August 2013
  • •21 advanced security features to protect against fraud
  • •Designed in partnership with fraud prevention expert, Frank Abagnale

  • Secure Premier Voucher Checks:
    Our Premier line of voucher checks offers our most powerful prevention against fraud. Check out the new security hologram which makes it virtually impossible to counterfeit!

  • •Introduced January 2013
  • •28 million checks sold as of October 2013
  • •Offers all the advanced security features found in our Secure Plus checks, plus the Security Hologram for added protection
  • •The Security Hologram is a multi-dimensional hologram that is easy to verify with the human eye, but extremely difficult to replicate

  • Ordering Instructions:
    If you are interested in placing an order, please send me an email at and I will have my rep at Intuit contact you directly for bank account information. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any help.

    We also sell checks and forms for Safeguard

    For more than 55 years, Safeguard has provided its more than 500,000 small business customers with the right selection of products and services.

    They sell QuickBooks and Peachtree compatible checks, envelopes, deposit tickets, signature stamps, tax forms, business cards, and many other products. When ordering checks, multi-purpose laser checks are usually recommended that allow you to print payroll and accounts payable data on the same check.

    Ordering Instructions:
    To place an order online, please register at or call Don Gordon of Safeguard at 757-497-0363. To receive Lynn's discount, please mention referral code DRRPLEADS 0062. All products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Lynn generally recommends using QuickBooks compatible multi-purpose checks to use for payroll and accounts payable checks. Please let her know if you have any questions.